I was bored so I created this blog. I don't even know. Anyways, here is all things Jenna and Tina Cohen-Chang. Anything from pictures, gifs, videos, music and fanfics.

Created September 29th 2012.

NOT A SPOILER FREE BLOG. Tagging every spoiler with 'glee spoiler' and 'glee spoilers'.


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Favorite line from Hair! Love Jenna’s cute character voice! She is phenomenal in this production!

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A little taste of Jenna singing in Hair! She sings third in this video, after the guy! Her and Amber are up in the right side of the video… Kinda hard to see but they are there.

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dove_sender Just where their voices are kept… #HollywoodBowl #Hair #CheckCheckOneTwoOneTwo

dove_sender Just where their voices are kept… #HollywoodBowl #Hair #CheckCheckOneTwoOneTwo

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"I told Adam [Shankman] I would be thrilled to be a tree or a flower in the show. It’s one of the shows that I really really love and just love what it stands for: expressing yourself and being free and doing what you want."
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Behind the Scenes of Hollywood Bowl’s ‘Hair’ With Kristen Bell, Sarah Hyland, Amber Riley and Hunter Parrish 

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Jenna’s friends showing their support for the ‘Hair’ premiere on Twitter and Instagram

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